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Job Description :

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As a Logistics Support Officer, you will be responsible for overseeing logistic processes and providing support to project objectives. Your role involves planning, managing, and coordinating logistics operations to ensure the smooth accomplishment of projects.

Key responsibilities:

Review and approve the Contractor’s logistics management plan.

Monitor and control project logistics, organization, and safety.

Coordinate with contractors and subcontractors to ensure compliance with communications and safety protocols.

Prioritize works and organize tasks based on the project baseline schedule.

Develop plans for the movement of materials, equipment, and workforce in compliance with project requirements.

Manage materials movement to warehouse locations and conduct receiving activities.

Maintain materials delivery registers and coordinate with technical teams to ensure compliance with approved drawings and specifications.

Coordinate logistics plans for public roadway detours and road closures.


Engineering degree or relevant specialization.

Minimum 10 years of experience within the GCC.


Skills & Competencies:

Strong organizational and planning skills.

Excellent communication and coordination abilities.

Knowledge of logistics management principles.

Familiarity with building construction projects.

Ability to prioritize tasks and manage multiple projects.

Attention to detail and adherence to safety protocols.

Proficiency in reviewing and approving logistics plans.

Experience in coordinating with contractors and subcontractors.

Job Info:

Job Category: General Job Level: Entry Level

Perks & Benefits:

Flexible hours Family Insurance Free Transportation Employment accommodation Corporate loyalty program Dependent Private Office Employe Welcome Pack Competitive salary and performance-based bonuses.

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