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Job Description :

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We are looking for a detail-oriented and analytical supply chain analyst to join our team. the supply chain analyst will be responsible for analyzing supply chain data, identifying trends and opportunities, and providing insights to support decision-making and process improvement. the ideal candidate should have strong analytical skills, proficiency in data analysis tools, and a solid understanding of supply chain principles. if you are a proactive problem solver with a passion for optimizing supply chain operations, we encourage you to apply for this role.

Key responsibilities:

  • Collect, Analyze, And Interpret Supply Chain Data From Various Sources, Including ERP Systems, Databases, And External Sources.
  • Prepare Regular Reports And Dashboards To Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Such As Inventory Levels, Demand Forecasts, And Supplier Performance.
  • Identify Trends And Patterns In Supply Chain Data, Such As Demand Fluctuations, Inventory Trends, And Supplier Performance Metrics.
  • Develop Statistical Models And Forecasting Techniques To Predict Future Demand And Supply Requirements.
  • Monitor Inventory Levels And Turnover Rates, Identifying Opportunities To Optimize Inventory Levels And Reduce Carrying Costs.
  • Collaborate With Inventory Planners And Buyers To Ensure Adequate Stock Levels While Minimizing Excess Inventory And Stockouts.
  • Evaluate Supplier Performance Metrics, Such As On-Time Delivery, Lead Times, And Quality Metrics, To Assess Supplier Performance And Identify Improvement Opportunities.
  • Collaborate With Procurement Teams To Develop Supplier Scorecards And Performance Improvement Plans.
  • Identify Inefficiencies And Bottlenecks In Supply Chain Processes, Proposing And Implementing Process Improvements And Optimization Initiatives.
  • Collaborate With Cross-Functional Teams, Including Operations, Procurement, And Logistics, To Streamline Processes And Enhance Efficiency.
  • Monitor Supply Chain Performance Against Targets And Benchmarks, Identifying Areas For Improvement And Implementing Corrective Actions As Needed.
  • Drive A Culture Of Continuous Improvement And Innovation Within The Supply Chain Organization.


  • Bachelor's Degree In Supply Chain Management, Operations Research, Business Analytics, Or A Related Field.
  • Minimum Of 2-3 Years Of Experience In Supply Chain Analysis Or A Similar Role.

Skills and competencies:

  • Strong Analytical And Problem-Solving Skills.
  • Proficiency In Data Analysis Tools And Software, Such As Excel, SQL, And Data Visualization Tools (E.G., Tableau).
  • Solid Understanding Of Supply Chain Principles And Best Practices.
  • Excellent Communication And Presentation Skills.


  • Competitive Salary And Benefits Package.
  • Opportunities For Professional Development And Career Advancement.
  • Health And Dental Insurance Coverage.
  • Collaborative And Dynamic Work Environment.

Job Info:

Job Category: Logistics Job Level: Senior

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