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Job Description :

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As a Data Engineer at, you will design, develop, and maintain data infrastructure and systems to support data-driven initiatives, collaborating with cross-functional teams to implement efficient data processing, storage, and analysis solutions.

Key Responsibilities:

Design and develop data pipelines and ETL processes.

Build and maintain scalable data infrastructure on cloud platforms.

Collaborate with stakeholders to understand data requirements.

Implement data governance and quality assurance processes.

Optimize data storage and processing solutions.

Monitor and troubleshoot data pipelines.

Provide technical guidance and support to team members.


Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field.

Proven experience in data engineering or software development.

Strong programming skills in Python, Java, or Scala.

Hands-on experience with cloud-based data platforms.

Proficiency in SQL and relational databases.

Familiarity with data modeling and schema design.

Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.

Skills & Competencies:

Data pipeline development

Cloud data infrastructure

Stakeholder collaboration

Data governance

Performance optimization


Team leadership

Job Info:

Job Category: Data Administration & Management Job Level: Associate Manager / Associate Advisor

Perks & Benefits:

Flexible hours Free Transportation Insurance Private Office

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